“Leadership at all levels is what we need
To take all children on a journey to their fullest potential.

I wonder what the world would look like
If we learned more from our children.”

-Shaheen Mistri

ceo & founder, teach for india

An Overview of Teach For India

Teach For India began in 2009 with an audacious vision that all children could attain an excellent education. Over the last decade, Teach for India’s goal has been to build a movement of leaders who will eliminate this educational inequity in India.

The Fellowship

Leadership is at the heart of our mission. Our transformative two-year Fellowship exposes Fellows to the unjust realities and glorious opportunities that our children grapple with, shattering the stained-glass window through which we view the socio-economic condition in India. Each empowered individual that emerges from this experience helps fuel the larger movement towards our vision.

Our Alumni

Not too long ago, we welcomed our first ever cohort of 87 Fellows into the next phase of their impact – the Alumni movement. Today, through continued collective action, we’ve built a strong movement of 3,800 Alumni who impact 1 in 10 children across the country. 

A New Generation of Champions

As accelerated as our progress may be, the puzzle of educational equity is one that requires fierce focus, sustained effort, and a big heart. And younger, invested champions — tomorrow’s hope — are vitally important to what we do, infusing energy, perspective, and compassion into our movement. 

Our Supporters

Our community of well-wishers have seen us through some of the most crucial years of our journey during our previous decade, including during the Covid-19 pandemic. Their unequivocal belief in the potential of our children and the critical impact of our programs has allowed us to go forth unafraid in our mission.

Seeds of Phase 4

In our new decade at Teach For India, we’re refining what leadership in teaching looks like, while evolving our organizational strategy to cultivate a more impactful and diverse network of leaders across the country.

‍A jug fills drop by drop. Each one of us – wherever we are, whatever we do – has something meaningful, something powerful to contribute to our movement of leaders who endeavor to elevate the 250 million Indian children towards a better future. It is our hope and conviction that the larger community of supporters will continue to empower and guide us along our way.

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