Teach For India
with intellectual, human, and financial resources to eliminate educational inequity in India.
the education crisis

The education crisis in India runs wide, and deep. 97 million children living in India – one in five – are estimated to be multidimensionally poor. 75% of students are falling behind by grade 3, and 56% of grade 5 students cannot read a grade two text. A student in India who has lost a year of learning may only be able to bridge their learning in 9 years.

Our ability to equip and empower these current and future citizens for a dynamic 21st century will shape the security, harmony, and prosperity of the largest democracy on our planet. We need to act now.

About teach for india u.s.

We are bridging the education divide in India by supporting Teach For India’s mission of building a movement of leaders. 

  • We partner with individual and institutional champions of educational equity to raise vital resources that enable learning access for its students, helping them fulfill their true potential.
  • We provide intellectual resources to develop a collective leadership to ensure all children attain an excellent education. 
  • We inspire our community to engage with Teach For India’s work through the Fellowship, volunteer work, and raising awareness.
Founded in 2009, Teach For India is a part of the Teach For All Network, a growing group of independent organizations in 61 countries, that share a common vision of developing collective leadership to ensure one day all children will attain an excellent education.









Teach For India's Alumni REACH 1 in 10 children in India.




Million children


can make a difference.

All donations to Teach For India U.S. will be utilized as per the needs on the ground, unless specifically requested to support a program.
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